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Enrique Venguer

Hurni Konrad


Enrique has worked for several finanacial institutions for the
past 25 years. He founded WW Capital Partners AG in December 2002, as
a result of a Management Buy-Out from Dominick Bank in Zürich where
he carved out its Corporate Finance activities.
Enrique Venguer

Enrique grew up in Mexico and worked for many years in the US. He has been
in banking for the past 25 years (Corporate Finance, M&A, Leasing, and Trading).
In 2001 and 2002 he worked for Dominick Capital in Zurich.
During 1997-2001 he was running his own investment banking operation
(Baron Financial Consulting GmbH). He came to Zurich hired by (Poalim Financial
Markets 1995-1996). He had his own Leasing Company in Mexico City (1991-1995). Enrique has worked for financial institutions in the US (Oesterreichische Länderbank
1989-1991, Investment Placement Group 1987-1989, Norwest Corp 1983-1987)
and in Mexico (Comermex & Somex). Enrique holds a M.A. degree from Yale University in International Trade and an M.A. degree from Rice University in Texas on Public Finance.

Konrad Hurni

Accomplished financial and operations manager with a track record in the
international environment. Lived and worked in Switzerland,Germany and Italy. Successfully managed business operations in industry as well as capital arrangement
deals and mergers. Demonstrated strong skills in restructuring operations of a public
quoted company.
Proven leadership, management and interpersonal skills. Today, active chairman
and board member of financial companies in combination with the CEO mandate of
a Swiss non-profit organization.